Bill Agrios

Mortgage Broker | NMLS 182794

Bill Agrios has helped thousands of families with their home mortgage needs since 1977.
His expertise in all types of home loans has assured his clients that they will be handled in the most professional manner.
From FHA and VA loans to Conventional and Jumbo loans, whatever the need presents, you will be assured that you will receive the best loan possible.

Mortgage Lending Since 1977
EXPERIENCE… It’s What Counts!!!

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Required Documents

  • ID: 2 Forms
  • Tax Requirements: Past 2 Years
  • W2’s: Past 2 Years
  • Bank Statements: 60 Days, All Pages
  • 30 Days of Pay-Stubs

If Current Homeowner

  • HOA Coupon
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Tax Premium
  • Insurance Premium