Jeff Gillmore

Loan Officer | NMLS 1778348

Jeff Gillmore, is very motivated and enjoys working with people. He has been in the residential real estate business for 28+ years remodeling of homes and selling. He is dedicated to customer service and firmly believes that one must listen well to effectively meet the needs of the clients. Jeff, understands that buying and selling real estate can be stressful. He will work hard to lower your stress level and make your experience as pleasurable as possible. He will accomplish this through constant communication, and by being accessible whenever you need him.

Required Documents

  • ID: 2 Forms
  • Tax Requirements: Past 2 Years
  • W2’s: Past 2 Years
  • Bank Statements: 60 Days, All Pages
  • 30 Days of Pay-Stubs

If Current Homeowner

  • HOA Coupon
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Tax Premium
  • Insurance Premium