Ron Cahalan

Sr. Mortgage Officer | Cahalan & Associates

Experience Matters! We work for the borrower, not the bank. As an independent mortgage broker, we have the ability to shop wholesale rates and fees with multiple lenders and banks across the country and pass that onto the families we serve.

With forty plus years’ experience and over $1 Billion in closings, CAHALAN & ASSOCIATES’ and Ron Cahalan’s desire is simple – to earn your confidence and trust as your Certified Mortgage Planning Specialists. Our team helps you navigate through and make simple, the otherwise confusing, often-times frightening and frustrating real estate and mortgage process with clear communication and clarity. Unlike the cold-impersonal big mortgage company or bank or online lender, we make each opportunity to serve as personal and unique as YOU are! We help you architect the ideal home loan in concert with a debt management plan, each playing a key role in an overall wealth strategy. Our joy is in helping families achieve the American Dream of home ownership and real estate investment. Long term, we advise you in the building of wealth through responsible lending, debt planning and real estate. The process is then enhanced and made simple by utilizing the latest in secure digital technology and delivery systems available.

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Required Documents

  • ID: 2 Forms
  • Tax Requirements: Past 2 Years
  • W2’s: Past 2 Years
  • Bank Statements: 60 Days, All Pages
  • 30 Days of Pay-Stubs

If Current Homeowner

  • HOA Coupon
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Tax Premium
  • Insurance Premium